Things to do

Things to do

There is always plenty to do in the countryside. Of course, first of all, you can relax, enjoy the peace of the surroundings and a peace of mind. If during your spare time you would like to engage in action, there are plenty of opportunities:

  • you can go for a walk, hiking, ride a bike or play games in the yard
  • go mushroom hunting or berry picking
  • do bird watching or explore nature in general
  • enjoy cultural sightseeing

You could always stroll through the village, walk in the surroundings or enjoy longer hikes across forested landscapes of Dzūkija National Park. Riding a bike is always an option, in particular during the summer time. In the spacious yard you, your family and friends can always play ball, badminton, speedminton and other types of sports. In the autumn, one of the most popular and famous activities in this part of Lithuania is mushroom hunting. You can pick chanterelles in the forest across the fence and cook your own "home-made" chanterelle soup for dinner. In the summer and the autumn, you can collect blueberries, raspberries and other forest berries.

You can always occupy yourself by bird watching, if this is something you enjoy doing. Some of you may be happy to know that there are several rare bird species, some of which you could observe even by being within the property. Green Woodpeckers (picus viridis), Hoopoes (upupa epops) and bats (chiroptera family) practically live in the yard; there are also plenty of swallows and flycatchers. If you are not just a bird lover, but also appreciate other creatures of nature, you may be interested to know that if you are careful enough, you may be able to see a hare, a grass-snake and plenty of insects, typical for this dry pine-forest habitat.

"Bobos daržas" is a feature unique for Margionys. In the older days, parents used to tell their children that they were found in "Bobos daržas" - a place close to the village, were a Skroblus river starts from the springs. Young couples, hoping to have children, went looking at "Bobos daržas" and asking for them in their prayers. You can always try...

"Barn Theatre" is another unique object, present only in Margionys and quite well known in Lithuania. It is just "across the street" from the house; you will see it from the bedroom window. You can always try re-vitalizing an actor in you...

If you prefer to spend your time wondering in the surroundings and looking for an action, please visit the websites of Dzūkija National Park, Druskininkai Aquapark, Druskininkai town, Grūtas Park, Čepkeliai Strict Nature Reserve or Varėna town and plan your day-trips.