Grūtas Park

Grūtas Park is one of the most known places in the area. It is famous in the entire Lithuania and has already been visited by large number of guests from abroad. In short - it is a must to see while you are in the neighborhood!

Many Soviet-era monuments have been taken down after restoration of Lithuanian independence in 1989-1991. Since there were no clear rules on how to treat these relicts of the past, most of it were laying around in the storages and yards of city service companies. There have been many opinions on what should be the destiny of those monuments. Fully destroy? Preserve? Finally, in 1998, the Ministry of Culture announced a public call for proposals for the establishment of an exposition of dismantled monumental sculptures from the Soviet period. "Hesona" public agency located in Grūtas near Druskininkai was the winner of the tender. The work of preparing the exposition started in early 1999. Grūtas Park was officially opened on 1 April 2001.

More detailed information, also containing pictures, is available on the Park's website.