In peace with nature

In piece with nature

Margionys; this is where Skroblus starts - the clearest, the cleanest and the most beautiful creek of Dzūkija National Park. Green pine forests are abundant with springs, which feed into the Skroblus. The wooden houses of Margionys village and their inhabitants have for centuries depended on the waters of this creek.

The valleys of Skroblus river provide a valuable habitat for rare and protected species. The diversity of flora and fauna in surrounding forests is exceptional not only for this southern part of Lithuania, but also compared to many other parts of Europe. The richness in biodiversity is a result of not only long history of the valley, peculiar soils and climate, and the abundance of springs. The mosaics of landscapes in the valleys of Skroblus has been shaped for centuries by the interaction of local inhabitants with nature. This has resulted in an exceptional landscape structure.

Subsistence farming and the lack of access to major urban centers has also protected Margionys village from the virtues of modern civilization. Each member of the ancient village was unique, which has resulted in a very rich collective material and spiritual culture, coexisting with the relatively intact nature, which - overall - could be called: a sustainable living!

Part of the text is from a publication produced by Dzūkija National Park: "Kapiniškiai. Rudnia. Dubininkas", Marcinkonys, 2005.